Volvo: Style Finder


Volvo: Style Finder

‘This project does something unique and adds practical value to people interested in buying a new Volvo. Understanding what your needs are with a new car is always a complex decision and this makes that process easier, and a lot more intuitive. It was a pleasure to work with the Grey Team, Pinterest, and Volvo to make this experience a polished one from end to end.’

Anrick, Director, UNIT9

The background

Buying a new car is a big decision. Volvo wanted to make the process easier and help potential customers identify which model best suits their lifestyle. So we created an interactive experience that gives highly personalized recommendations tailored to peoples’ Pinterest boards.

The execution

My Volvo Design is an interactive quiz that determines which Volvo model is right for the user by asking pointed questions about their interests, hobbies, families, and more. To make the results even more personalized, we used the Pinterest API to pull data from their saved pins — an innovative and exciting use of the platform we’ve never seen done before.

The sleek, polished experience returned more than just a Volvo model
recommendation. It curated a Pinterest board with beautifully designed custom pins outlining the features of that specific model. Whether someone is eco-friendly, passionate about design, chauffeuring kids, or traveling with a pet—or all of the above—we equipped them with as much relevant information about Volvo as possible to make an informed decision.

By stepping back and understanding what features matter to potential car buyers, and sharing important information about Volvo in a digestible way, we completely changed the car-buying experience.

The results

It was satisfying to work on a project that offered truly personalized service to users. The interactive experience was a technological first, making waves for using an established platform like Pinterest in a new and exciting way that’s never been done before.

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