Talenti: Flavorize Me

Stephan Bischof

Talenti: Flavorize Me

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UNIT9 partnered with agency Fallon to create a unique social experience for Talenti, the hugely successful Italian ice cream-maker. Flavorize Me allows users to connect their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to a “flavorizer” that analyses their posts from the past year to create a unique Talenti flavour. In other words, we have finally figured out how to turn social media posts into gelato!

Users connect to the microsite via desktop, mobile or tablet and put their social history to the test. The flavoriser determines your unique ration of “sentiment flavours,” such as sweet or spicy, which include cinnamon, coconut and chocolate, among others. The more socials you connect, the richer your flavour.

The flavours are generated by picking three flavours from five flavour groups; sweet, sour, salty, bitter and spicy. Keywords are assigned to these flavours and weighted according to their rareness. The more keywords you use in your social history for a specific flavour group, the more likely you are to be assigned a flavour from that group.

For example, a fiery and spirited tweet may correspond with ginger or cayenne-flavoured gelato. A Facebook status that is observational may mean that your flavour will have a twist of mint or vermouth.

The number of combinations is almost limitless, so each user’s recommended flavour is unique. Users also get a breakdown of their flavour and a brief explanation of the keywords that correspond to the different mix of flavours. They can share their very own ice cream flavour via Facebook and Twitter.

Flavorize Me is like a social media-based personality quiz but that ends in an edible representation of your personality. Although not all personalities translate into commercially viable desserts, Talenti will be testing the top ten best combinations and releasing their favourite as a limited edition flavour.

Tech Specs

Our cross-platform responsive website uses an algorithm to analyse users’ last 100 posts and create a new ice cream flavour based on their personality. The keywords are processed on the backend and displayed on the site as a WebGL animation that morphs into the shape and colour of the newly generated flavour. Where the device does not support WebGL, an image fallback is used.