Sleeping Sickness

Vincent Morisset

Sleeping Sickness

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The interactive music video “Sleeping Sickness”, by Canadian group City and Colour, provides an intriguing perspective on the topic of space.

UNIT9 - Sleeping SicknessUNIT9 - Sleeping SicknessUNIT9 - Sleeping Sickness

By expounding on the still new interactive music video concept , director Vincent Morisset gives the viewer the freedom to re-shape spacial boundaries. This forces new questions: Does seeing the “greater” narrative impact individual ones? Shift the meaning? What do we choose to see? Choose to ignore?

While the visual narrative is both creative and vast, it does not, or should not, minimise the centrality of the song itself. Coming from a seemingly isolated space, Dallas Green tells the story of a “breaking down” moment.

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