Siemens VR: Future Makers


Siemens VR: Future Makers

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Future Makers is a bespoke 360 video series documenting the lives of Siemens employees from around the world

In Germany  we learn about Claus Cremers, a software engineer working on the “Mindsphere”: an interconnected network of devices that allows smooth and efficient workflows for a wide range of industries.  We spent a few days with Claus, learning about how The Internet of Things will transform how we work, and how we live. And we filmed Klaus both at work, as well as with his family at home, to understand more about what his typical day looks like.

“That’s what MindSphere does, it gathers data created by devices and lets them talk to one another, it’s the future of the connected world”  Claus

As stated by Claus, good ideas can come from anywhere. “Collaboration is so important to me. I get to discover things I would never have thought of alone.” He considers it his job to bring the right people together to make the most of the insights available. Claus believes all data is useful, whether it’s generated by people, houses, or trains, it can help to create a smarter future. The challenge is capturing it, and making it work to create solutions that improve the quality of how we live and work. Whilst MindSphere harnesses data from billions of devices, it cannot solve problems alone. We need to make connections with real people, in order to derive meaning from the data we collect.

See the entire project and download the app at the Siemens 360 portal here