San Pellegrino Are you a real foodie

San Pellegrino: Are You a Real Foodie?

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UNIT9 partnered with agency Yam112003 to build a cross-platform web experience for San Pellegrino, “Are You a Real Foodie?”. The content-based microsite lets users join an online community so that they can explore countless dishes and share their own, too.

Users get points if they share content and can up their “foodie ranking” by uploading photos of dishes to the user-driven “infinite table.” They can also unlock premium content if they collect enough foodie points. For example, they can view recipes shared by a select number of chefs and learn more about the restaurants they cook for.

The mobile, desktop and tablet website allows users to search for specific kinds of dishes. They can access recipes by clicking on dishes. Additionally, users can even access a world map and visit a specific country’s table, to see what the foodies in that part of the world are recommending!

Foodies can share any and all content via Google+, Facebook and Twitter, and use the San Pellegrino site to become part of a social foodie community.

The responsive microsite was built using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

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