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Samsung x Viceland: Road To Rio

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Unprecedented Access to the USA Olympic Basketball Team

What’s it like to be an Olympic athlete? To travel and train with them? To experience a day in their shoes?

Samsung, in collaboration with Vice, gave us the access to the USA Olympic basketball team. Together, we created a first-of-its-kind VR experience that invited fans to learn what it was really like to be on the road to Rio. 

Chasing The Dream, Part 1: Day One

We worked with a wide array of cameras to capture every moment—from the standard four cam GoPro rigs and seven camera rigs to the three camera Blackmagic rig. We mounted the new mini Samsung camera to backboards, and around the team’s bus and locker room. We were given unprecedented access, and we wanted to give fans the same.

Chasing The Dream, Part 2: United

To tell the story we wanted, we had to be ready for anything and be where the team was. Pure patience and being a “fly on the wall” at all times meant the “Road to Rio” took fans along for the ride of a lifetime.

Chasing The Dream, Part 3: Game Day