Reebok: 2014 F/W Lookbook

Reebok: 2014 F/W Lookbook

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DIKO Creative won Reebok’s Lookbook Campaign and partnered with UNIT9 to deliver an elegant and award-winning website. The Fall/Winter Lookbook blends interactivity and video to display the brand’s training, running and studio collections in a compelling and detailed way.

UNIT9 - Reebok: 2014 F/W Lookbook

The immersive Lookbook is designed to portray Reebok’s “Tough Fitness” philosophy by visualizing their products in active use.

UNIT9 - Reebok: 2014 F/W Lookbook

The cross-platform website gives users a variety of ways to engage with the content, whether on their desktop or mobile device. Spring/Summer, the UNIT9 directorial team who worked on the Reebok project, wanted users to interact with the different videos by swiping, tilting and dragging to see every angle of the clothing.

Users can grab any angle of any video with their cursor when experiencing the Lookbook on their desktop. Touchpoints appear throughout the experience which trigger product page overlays, taking the customer directly to the e-commerce site.

Visual studio Ntropic provided beautiful footage, directed by Diko, to create slow-motion videos to accompany each of Reebok’s main categories. They used Phantom cameras on a MILO motion control rig to shoot at an ultra high frame rate, making it possible to capture extreme detail in just one second.

On the other hand, the rig is also capable of moving at 10 feet per second which, combined with such a high frame rate, makes for a dynamic panorama within each scene.

UNIT9 - Reebok: 2014 F/W Lookbook

The videos were digitally altered to intensify each sequence. We added leaves blowing past runners, chalk powder exploding from trainers, and fog floating around dancers.

The project took loading time into consideration to ensure that the complex experience would function smoothly. We implemented sophisticated pre-loading as well as progressive loading mechanisms to determine which of the sequences a user was most likely to click on first.

UNIT9 - Reebok: 2014 F/W Lookbook

Developers used accelerometers to give users the additional option of controlling the videos by tilting the device, while UI design keep branding consistent with Reebok’s identity by featuring graphic triangles.

The Lookbook was developed in CoffeeScript using AngularJS framework, localisation, advanced routing and custom view transitions.

We created individual modules for the different styles in Reebok’s Spring/Summer collections in addition to the Fall/Winter Lookbook. Both the modules and the Lookbook are optimized for social sharing across all channels.

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