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Kate Lynham

Quilted Northern: National Toilet Paper Day

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Experiential Stunt with Miniature Film Set

It was a day for users of TP to rejoice around the world. One in which we could all unite, and join hands in this commonality. It was National Toilet Paper Day, and Quilted Northern wanted to stage a completely unforgettable experience to celebrate this most forgettable public holiday.

We went small to go big and created miniature pop-up stores and restaurants full of the tiniest toilet paper and props imaginable. You couldn’t go inside these small wonders or buy TP from them, but that was the point: we wanted to make a statement on how you shouldn’t have to desperately run to your local store every time you’re on your last sheet. 

Toilet paper shouldn’t be something you have to think or worry about, and Quilted Northern wanted to guide shoppers to a more automated way of purchasing this necessity. The brand partnered with Amazon for the day so you could sign up for a “toilet paper subscription” and even get a significant discount in the process.

To a accomplish such a mini-feat, we built two excruciatingly detailed street scenes, and while people couldn’t come in, they were invited to take a selfie. A webcam paired with a Raspberry Pi captured all the “I’m with toilet paper” pics and uploaded them for the world to witness. And if you couldn’t make it to the TP party, we created 360 video tours for everyone to enjoy.

The street scene models were designed in-house and a 1:12 scale (the standard dollhouse scale) was chosen to allow us to purchase off-the-shelf accessories. 

After spending countless hours locked in a warehouse covered in super glue and sawdust we managed, against every possible challenge, to emerge with our tiny toilet paper town that people would surely remember on this most forgettable day.

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