Nike Trove

Mark Vatsel, Bingqin Yang

Nike: Trove Experience

‘This project let us lead the trend of unification of physical and digital realities. We’ve built AR spaces where we showcased the personal creativity of industry titans G-Dragon, Matthew M. Williams and Nike.’

Mark Vatsel, Creative Director, UNIT9

The background

Nike wanted to inspire, empower, and connect with young people in China. So we collaborated with the biggest cultural icons of the moment, Givenchy Creative Director Matthew M. Williams and artist and producer G-Dragon, to promote their new Nike collections.

Nike Trove

The execution

Trove is a digital and immersive AR experience that brings people inside the worlds built for the two creatives: a remote yoga retreat for Williams and a basement bunker for G-Dragon. It introduces their Nike collections, showcases their creativity, and lets people pan around, offering a true POV of their worlds.

Nike Trove

Trove can be experienced entirely online anywhere in the world, or in person at the flagship Nike Lab store in Shanghai. Our team brought the two collections to life using both AR and 360 experiential videos. We also created unique digital collector cards that could be posted and shared on WeChat, the largest social platform in the world.

Nike Trove
Nike Trove

The results

The flexible, futuristic experience was a buzzy blend of art, tech, fashion, and culture. Engagement spiked when the Nike collections from Matthew M Williams and G-Dragon dropped. At its peak, over 50,000 people around the world were engaging with the digital experience at the same time.

Trove lives on long after the initial launch of the two collections as a digital library of creativity and inspiration.

Nike Trove
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