The Next Stop

Jonathan Pearson

The Next Stop

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The Next Stop is a film by Jonathan Pearson.

As a Londoner, Jonathan has always felt at home in New York City. Recognising their parallels of diversity, energy and edge, he sees the stories that can be told on every street corner. After witnessing street dancers performing on the subway during countless journeys around the City, he started questioning what part this plays in their lives. This led him to venture into this world and discovering Mo.

Being a female dancer in a male dominated crew, Mo immediately stood out. Quiet and unassuming in nature but utterly alive in dance, she had a unique perspective and story to tell.

The film captures the beauty and energy of Mo whilst shining a light on the grand tradition of New York City street dance. With the odds stacked against her, Mo’s journey has only just begun, so for Jonathan, “The Next Stop” is very much a story of hope.


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