Lufthansa #LifeChangingPlaces

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Lufthansa: #LifeChangingPlaces

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Lufthansa #LifeChangingPlaces is a new campaign from the German aviation group. It’s about bringing the adventurer out in all of us, with Lufthansa there to help shape what your Life Changing Trip might look like. Collaborating with DDB Hamburg, UNIT9 created a stylish website to help adventurers explore new worlds and discover their own life-changing destination with an interactive game.

Lufthansa #LifeChangingPlaces

The experience

This experience is all about inspiring people to explore. A series of powerful documentaries introduce the #LifeChangingPlaces concept. We meet surfer Chris Burkard who takes us on a journey to Norway’s Lofoten archipelago. And Geisa Neitzel who journeys to South Africa to be freed from the daily stresses of big city life. The homepage also includes a #LifeChangingPlaces social gallery linking through to Lufthansa’s instagram feed, where you’ll find a curated collage of inspiring travel photos.

Lufthansa #LifeChangingPlaces

The Life Changing Game

From there the Life Changing Game comes into play, allowing users to use an interactive tool to set their preferences and generate a Life Changing Trip. Using a drag and slide marker the site asks you to select a preferred climate, architecture, activities and population density. As you scroll across each preference, the background imagery morphs between settings. 

Lufthansa #LifeChangingPlaces
Lufthansa #LifeChangingPlaces

With a simple drag of a slider, the user can completely transform entire environments,  transforming castles into skyscrapers, freezing Tuscany into the north pole, and growing jungle trees from sandhills. All of this combines into a visually stunning, playfully intuitive way to set your preferences. Once your parameters have been set, Lufthansa then suggests a Life Changing Trip – which might just be the opposite of your expectations.

Lufthansa #LifeChangingPlaces

The tech

Using imagery, 3D models and motion, UNIT9 created the uniques scenes that morph different environments together with a simple slider. The team designed and developed 20 environments with CGI transformations in four weeks. One of the key challenges in this respect was getting the 3D rendered, while maintaining a smooth and high quality visual experience.

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