Hoxton Window Project

Hoxton Window Project: Ronnieism

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For this month’s Hoxton Window Project, we had Dutch artist Ronnie draw monsters all over our windows. Blue, green, pink, purple and red, the little creatures are doing all sorts of comical things: grinning while wielding axes, pushing each other over and doing their best to injure their monster buddies.

“When I started sketching this project I decided it was time to make my characters more evil. As a theme I chose “judgement day”, which inspired me to create some vicious monsters. Drawing and colouring on the smooth glass surface was a big pleasure; it’s the artist’s equivalent of driving a Ferrari!”


Ronnie is a freelance artist with a positive vibe. He creates both self-initiated and commercial projects with a focus on illustration, animation, character design, toys, game and app development, workshops and art.

You can check out more of Ronnie’s work here.