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Why do we still love retro sci-fi movies? The refreshing lack of CGI? The inventiveness that comes from working with less? The break-neck plot twists? The unapologetic rejection of pretension? Or is it strictly the zombies, mutants or blood thirsty creatures descending from above or crawling from bellow? Is this what draws us back to these lesser-known slices of ‘50’s and ‘60’s cinema?

The Kissinger Twins

SXSW Interactive finalist and multi award-winning interactive music video Forget Me Not is a tribute to forgotten sci-fi and horror movies from the 1950s. It is a nostalgic, sentimental and tongue-in-cheek project that reintroduces the hidden gems of cinema to the younger generation.

“Forget Me Not” was made in a collaboration with Smolik and the Roman Polanski’s wife, French actress Emmanuelle Seigner. It  is a surprisingly rewarding interactive music video experience. Each interaction instantly brings horror, fun or… both!

The site opens with the video playing full screen – Lyrics are temptingly superimposed on the video. The lack of interface leaves us no choice – attracted by the lyrics fading in and out we click one.

This simple action is instantly rewarded with a transition to a random short (5-10 sec) clip from one of three movies from the 1950’s – “The Brain that wouldn’t die”, “Teenagers from outer space” and “Attack from space”.

The song now seamlessly plays over the new, less predictable imagery of zombies, mutants, teenage werewolves, or bloodthirsty creatures. In all 70 loops randomly served create a unique experience that keep us clicking for the duration of the track.

At the end of the track the experience ends and viewers are invited to watch the full-length versions of the sci-fi films on YouTube (all sampled films are currently in Public Domain) or buy the song “Forget Me Not”.

Forget Me Not has been presented at many film and new media festivals including: Edmonton International Film Festival, Reykjavik International Film Festival, Ambulante International Film Festival, Kerry Film Festival, Noise Pop San Francisco and Digital Kunst Festival Trier.

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