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Simon Neal

Football Manager: Play the Game. Know the Game.

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Let’s face it: football is a complicated sport. And if you don’t keep up with your football knowledge, you might fall flat when it comes to a heated football conversation. That’s why playing Football Manager will keep you on your toes and make you the savviest of fans.

To demonstrate exactly why Football Manager is so important for tactics in your Sunday League Team or niche knowledge in pub quizzes, we created a TVC that gets fans in the game.

The filming took place in six locations with eight unique set-ups, and we had only two days to shoot the entire thing. One of the locations was a full-sized stadium with twenty-five actors and we had to make it look like it was a stadium filled with 25,000 people. It was a feat in crowd-creating, and we made it happen.

Football Manager lets you know the game better than ever before, and this spot surely knows its fans. It’s a full stop between Play the Game. Know the Game.