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Fitzroy's Love4Life

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UNIT9 Films created this video for Fitzroy, a national charity that hopes to transform the lives of people with learning disabilities. Our short film, Fitzroy’s Love4Life, you see two young men, Max and Louis, go on a date together. They experience a lot of hostility from the wider public. A pair of teenagers stare, jostle, point and laugh at them at the bus stop. Then they have a waitress treat them poorly at a restaurant as she struggles to work out if she should treat Max and Louis differently.

We never show their faces until the end, leading the viewer to think that the public are behaving strangely towards a same-sex couple. At the end we reveal that the reason people have behaved strangely is not solely because Max and Louis are gay but because they both have Down’s Syndrome. Our aim with the video is to show that everyone should be able to experience and benefit from loving relationships.

You can watch our behind-the-scenes video here: