Banana Sun Website

Chiquita: Banana Sun

A banana-themed website and chatbot for Chiquita

If you were in the States on August 21 2017, you will have seen see the Great American Solar Eclipse. To celebrate this phenomenal event, banana brand Chiquita renamed it the Banana Sun. As the story unfolded, UNIT9 was asked by Wieden + Kennedy Portland to build the website and chatbot. 

Banana Sun Website
We built a mobile friendly site that looked beautiful on desktop

The idea

The “Banana Sun” is all about the seconds before and after the eclipse, where “the burning ball of gas in the center of our solar system (turns) into a giant banana.” Check out the video here.

Banana Sun Website
A countdown timer explains exactly when the banana sun will happen

Facebook chatbot

To engage on social we launched a Chiquita chatbot on the official Facebook page. The chatbot introduces you to the concept of the Banana Sun, then it prompts you to input your location and set a reminder for when the Banana Sun is coming. It also feeds users with stats and ways to stay safe while looking at the eclipse. All in a playful banana banter.

Banana Sun Website
For banana banter chat with the chiquita chatbot on Facebook


The Banana site website spoofs eclipse fever, including a series of banana sun related FAQs on the website. Like “What if it’s cloudy and I can’t see the banana sun?”. The response: “If the banana sun is obscured by inclement weather, we will reschedule it for June 10, 2021”.

Banana Sun Website
The Banana Sun is part of Chiquita’s campaign “We Are Bananas”
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