Los Angeles

Tech Savvy PM

UNIT9 is looking for a wonderfully brilliant Tech Savvy Project Manager to create awesome in our LA office.

THE ROLE: You will work closely with our beautiful Producers and be responsible for everything they can’t do.

YOU: Love anything that can be CLOUD or APIs including you mum. You can snapchat on FB and your watch is also a drone. You can smell pixels, you lick your fingers from databases, almost half dead hangover ( I mean you don’t have to on this one) you can create an iteration with your tooth meanwhile sending a love letter. Your brains is smart and gorgeous, you only stress if you think  it’s not good enough. You love again, everybody and anybody, especially if they are client and your team. Also most importantly you You & vice versa.

TO APPLY: Please send your CV, link to an online portfolio and salary expectations to jobs@unit9.com. Salary dependent on experience.