Los Angeles

Business Planning Associate

The role of Business Planning Associate is comprised of two main responsibilities: research new business opportunities through any means by identifying areas of opportunity where the agency can use its expertise to solve business challenges for potential clients, and lead all the research on potential clients ahead of capabilities calls and meetings as well as pitches in order to brief team leads from other departments on everything there is to know about the client.

A core capability of the Business Planning Associate role is to bring strategy and intelligence to New Business by understanding the expertise and the culture of the agency and being able to position it in target markets. The BP Associate must be able to synthesize research into discussion points and thoughtful questions.

Excellent presentation skills are also required as the BP Associate often participates in capabilities calls and meetings with potential clients. A good understanding of the importance of storytelling in pitches is a plus.

Detailed responsibilities of the role are as follows:

– Identify triggers (leads) as part of new business research and brief the rest of the team;
– Prepare research dossiers on business planning prospects and potential clients;
– Vet incoming business partnership inquiries;
– Assist with scheduling and organizing internal and external meetings;
– Prepare presentation materials for business planning meetings with potential clients;
– Synthesize research into profile binders on potential clients, their teams and briefs for pitches and brief team leads;
– Assist with note taking on business planning calls and meetings;
– Assist with putting together decks for RFPs and pitches;
– Stay updated on industry trends and upcoming conferences.

Salary depending on experience.