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Michael Sugarman

Michael Sugarman is a recognized pioneer in the diagnosis and treatment of equine neuroses.

His early detection protocol has been adopted by horse breeders worldwide and is now standard in professional racing paddocks. Cherish, a four year-old thoroughbred presenting profound paranoia, made a full recovery under Michael’s care and went on to place 3rd in the Arabia’s Cup. She continues to race and interact confidently with other horses.

Michael also creates commercials and interactive experiences for brands such as Skittles, Pepsi, Walmart and Disney. His work has been honoured at the Cannes Lions, the Cannes young director competition, and the Favourite Website Awards, and featured in Creativity’s Top 20, Adweek’s Top 10, and the Journal of Equine Anxiety Disorders.

You can read an interview Michael gave to Rob Ford from The FWA here.