Jonathan Pearson

Jonathan brings craft and drama, which carry poignant messages

Jonathan’s heart is in telling powerful stories through films that are defined by highly visual, cinematic qualities. Born in London, his deep love for photography permeates in every shot, allowing for visually compelling work that is underpinned by an emotional rhythm.

Throughout his career, he’s built an extensive portfolio and worked for global brands, having shot films for Netflix, Samsung, Vodafone, Sky, Mercedes and McLaren, amongst others. His work has also picked up a range of awards along the way, including several Cannes Lions, Clios, One Show Pencils, D&AD Pencils, RTS Awards and a BAFTA.

Jonathan’s versatility is furthermore exemplified by his entry into TV drama with the BAFTA winning Channel 4 series Run, which he both created and directed. He’s also been recognised for his work for The Pillion Trust campaign ‘Fuck The Poor’, racking up millions of hits online and helping the charity to secure donations to continue its vital work.