Cookie Policy


Having a separate Cookies Policy is required by law if your business is based in the European Union or is targeted to EU member nations. Otherwise, you will need to include a cookies clause within your Privacy Policy if you use cookies.

At minimum, your Cookies Policy or cookies clause should address:

  • What are cookies. This typically consists of a brief statement about what cookies are and that you use them on your website. The purpose is to inform and educate consumers about cookies.
  • How you use cookies. This should explain how and why you use cookies. This could be to improve the user experience, display relevant ads or remember user login credentials. You also might itemize the types of cookies you use.
  • How users can disable cookies. This should contain clear instructions on how users can opt out of your use of cookies or disable cookies on their own. You can link to helpful resources that explain the process.

Additionally, you should implement a checkbox, toggle or settings preferences method for collecting informed consent from users before placing cookies on their devices and present it in a cookies notification banner or pop-up.

Finally, you should allow users a simple way to opt out of your use of cookies even if they previously provided their consent to your Cookies Policy.